Art & Nature & Food

How can you go wrong with art, nature, and food, especially with people you care about? This weekend Dan and I visited his mom, sister and family friends in Ft. Myers.  They live in NY but are visiting the house they have down here from the tundra weather they have been receiving back north. So we packed up our stuff, grabbed the traditional McDonalds breakfast and started our ride. Sometimes you need a little break from Southeastern life. Our day was so much fun, mostly because it included an art show, the beach, and food.

The Art Festival at Coconut Point was filled with all local artists which included art of all different mediums. It was so awesome! We went from tent to tent meeting different people and learning about their different passions. One artist we met was an Israeli native and had the coolest paintings that depicted creation and even the streets of Jerusalem. It wasn’t hard to have some common ground considering we were in Israel exactly a year ago. The older I get the more I realize how small this world is. I mean, it’s huge but really, how many times have you ran into someone who knows someone that you know (hope that wasn’t confusing) or shared the same passion as you?

Later we all walked on the beach and took in the environment. After a moment like that, what do you do? EAT! We hit up a shack, where I had my first crab cake (which was delicious) and listened to live music that included sets from John Mayer and Bob Dylan, my favorites. After much resting we had a late dinner at Blue Water Bistro where I engulfed tilapia. I tried my first grouper fish as well, which was awesome! I got my fish on this weekend for sure.

The best part for sure was just being able to relax, experience new things and meet new people.


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