Last One Lakeland.

This Valentine’s Day was wonderful and I had fun killing time with the boy. Dan planned a lovely day for us which did not exactly go his way but it was perfect nonetheless- Even without the bike ride that fell through and the random midday extravaganzas. It is the thought and motivation that counts! That night consisted of sushi, conversation, reminiscing, and our newfound love for Thai coffee, which I need to learn how to make! After, we hung around the Cobb, rummaged through BAM, and saw a movie. It was a great way to spend our… 6th Valentine’s Day. I know! Six, beat that.

Last Valentine’s Day we spent our time picnicking in the Judean Desert with friends and eating dinner in Jerusalem. And yeah, it was AWESOME (I mean really, I can’t deny that at all, durrr) but this time was special because it was the last time we will be celebrating in Lakeland before graduation, and that is just as important. It’s another marker in our life. Who knows when we will be able to take in a moment like that again?


Truthfully, it’s been nice celebrating with the same person for the majority of my life. The guy I met in 11th grade is the same one today. I’m so thankful for these years that have blessed and stretched the both of us in every way.

Hey Dan, if you’re reading my blog, I love you!


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