Decked out in Spice

Okay, so I never made it to Gosh yet for sushi but I had an awesome time at Spice with of course, great company! I swear this is not a food blog but you wouldn’t know the difference because I post so much about food. As if you weren’t bored with my previous post about my love for all things ‘sushi rolls’, here is another dosage. I should have just went to culinary school! Anyway, I love the atmosphere of Spice and on top of that, we sat on the cool padded reclining mats close to the floor. I don’t know why eating and sitting close to the ground is so appealing to me. Or even the chance to trade in my love of silver utensils for wooden chop-sticks, or use my hands for eating edamame.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures because we all had fun taking them and enjoy dilating your pupils to the images of food because I enjoyed eating it… ALL


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