a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Today started off early with taking the ETS in the morning.. You know what that means? Graduation is coming soon! It’s so weird to think that I will be done with my college education. Welp, the education will be done but the learning will never stop. It’s important to accept the role of a life long learner. Back, to the ETS though. Ugh, it felt like I was stuck in an exam room taking the SATs all over again, minus the old rude proctor. On the positive side, I had a few good laughs this morning. Plus there was an abundance of donuts and coffee. It’s like they knew me hearts desire (and what would wake me up)!!! Being with Dan and seeing my friends, who are also graduating, made it a weird celebratory moment for me. I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad, in the sense that I won’t have this moment again- Not taking the test but being with these people in the same place. Before I know it we’ll all be going on to the next step. Different states, marriage, real jobs. Sigh.

After the test I awarded myself and headed to Fat Jack’s with Dan. Seriously, the best 2.95 breakfast I can find in Lakeland. Three eggs, hash browns, toast, and biscuits and gravy. So we sat there, chowed down, and enjoyed each others company.

Later, I took a long necessary nap, headed to beloved Chartwells with Rae and Danielle for dinner, shopped for something for someone (can’t say because their birthday is soon), visited Marissa at work, and headed to Yogurt Mountain. It was Nettie’s first time so we documented the moment.

After our eventful evening, I was able to spend more time with Dan the man. It’s nice to end the day with him.

Bedtime. Church tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

  1. Love reading your blog! Feels like we’re back together again, even though we’re like a thousandish miles away from each other lol! This darn Chicago snow makes me miss wearing my bikini in the Florida sun lol!

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