Making Moves.

I can’t believe it is almost spring break! What the heck?! Soon enough people will be relaxing, traveling to well heated areas, basking in the sun half naked and I will beeeeee leaving sunny Florida, heading North… North? Yes, trading the beach for barren branches. Currently it is 32 degrees tonight in good ‘ol Amityville, NY (yes, for all those who may wonder, I live down the block from the Amityville horror house). With that being said, I’m excited to layer on some extra clothes, celebrate Leah’s sweet 16, and see my family/friends! Bret Michael’s is on CNN right now… Sorry random distraction.

Upon departing I made a list of things that I want to accomplish or do at home for the week. Sometimes when I go home I fall into this comfortable state where I become okay with sleeping in everyday and eating my body weight. Don’t judge me. In my defense, this winter break was cold and it’s so comfy to be inside near a fireplace with loved ones. But here I am turning a new leaf, conquering new things, and purposely making efforts to always be motivated. So here it goes:

My List of 10

  1. Fix the art in my room and actually display them: I never finished my canvas paintings, never renovated a picture frame, never put them up! I gotta get a move on.
  2. Coffee date with mom: I would love just to go out and get coffee with my mom. Having time to catch up with her and reflect will be great for the mother-daughter relationship :) After this huge year of transition it would be nice to have a heart-to-heart.
  3. Thrifting: It’s time to go thrifting. My budget sucks and I can give up a Taco Bell run to get some item of clothing.
  4. Read a book: I find myself lounging around when I go home because it is really nice to relax. That means, instead of Facebook I am picking up a real book. I love reading so this shouldn’t be hard.
  5. Cooking/Baking: I want to make at least one good meal for my family because it is important to take advantage of a kitchen when you have the chance. I also want to bake something creatively sweet that I can bring back to school for Java Jive.
  6. Art therapy ideas/expressions: At school I have the opportunity to work with a student in the transition program. So I need some good social art activities I can plan.
  7. Homework: Maybe? I need to look over la lengua de Español and Netflix The Two Escobars. Nothing like drug cartel and fútbol.
  8. Diner: I love the feeling of a diner and I am in love with French onion soup from diners. I must devour it!
  9. Journal: I don’t take advantage of the lake near my home. So, I will be sure to visit there, sit, and maybe journal if my fingers don’t freeze over.
  10. Geocache: I have successfully geocached in Florida but never in New York. I will go Jack Sparrow on Long Island and search for a treasure.. well, capsule.

This goes unsaid but I’m happy to be heading home with Dan too!



Anyway back to Bret Michaels. Marissa likes to sleep next to his image. Every rose has it’s thorn.


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