Start Spreading the News-I’m Leaving Today

So we’re heading back to New York and we can hear Frank Sinatra already.

So far there has been a good dose of line waiting, stripping down, and people watching. Call me a creeper but people watching is the best. So far I’ve made up stories for all the people around me. It keeps us entertained. I’d share but well, we’re boarding any second.

Ha! We also spotted one of the hosts from Metal Injection (, a site dedicated to exploring all things heavy metal. Don’t ask how I know that. I’m not even a metal fan for the most part.

Next post will be delivered from good old New York. Enjoy your day! All of you who are traveling be safe and don’t do anything I would do! Just kidding ;)






2 thoughts on “Start Spreading the News-I’m Leaving Today

  1. Listen lady… if you are coming back to NY… you should take an adventure to south jersey via the wonderful jersey transit. OR i can come up and visit you!

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