Whip Your Hair Back & Forth For Leah’s Sweet 16

Tonight marks the night of Leah’s Sweet 16!!! Gosh I am so proud of her! She looked so beautiful and mature… I can’t believe how she is growing. It seems like yesterday we were just singing in her backyard pretending to be on American Idol, playing card games on the porch, gushing over the Camp Rock premiere, and hitting a tennis ball off of the garage wall just for fun. It’s moments like these when I realize that I am getting older. That life eventually gets harder and as each day proceeds, time seems to slip away so much quicker. UGH to be honest I hate that feeling. I’ve always have been time conscious even since I was a little girl. I’ve always been one to think back and try to hold onto all that was good in the past. Getting older means I have to realize that I need to take in each day and treasure it for what it is worth. Tonight was a moment like that.

We whipped our hair back and forth, chanted for New York, remembered dancing in September, fire-worked everywhere, and Oh nana-ed our names. And yes, we caught the fever, Bieber Fever that is. We smiled, we ate, we laughed, and we reminisced. Appreciated old friendships and delighted in new ones.

To my sister LeeLaLoo, I love you and Happy Birthday!


Mom and the sis- Me and Steph baby!

Leah’s entrance- Peter, duh Mr. Winkler would be dancing.

Dan & I- Another moment for the books.

Beautiful centerpieces- Cupcake tower! Yes, there was red velvet.

Dancing with her dad.

Me and the most beautiful birthday girl ever.


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