Rain on this March Sunday

Rain, Rain, Rain

You did not bother me today

It poured today. Ohhh, yes it did. But it was a wonderful day spent with great people. Sunday service at Point Community Church was awesome! Pastor Todd is starting a series on Galatians and so far so great. God’s word is good and God is doing amazing things there! Soon enough the Point will be meeting at a new location in April-ish! Finally, the breakdown team will reap the benefits of not having to pack up shop at the end :) Hey it was fun while it lasted. ALSO, they have a church plant coming up soon! It’s crazy what can happen in a few months. It was exciting seeing new faces and hearing people interact in the audience. Kat even has her hands full in the children’s ministry. Small groups are popping up everywhere, discipleship is taking place, ah! It is so cool to witness the progression. As each month passes it seems like they fall into their own nitch as they follow the call of God.

Needless to say it was a good decision to start the day in God’s house. I miss the whole team! I loved seeing everyone all over again.

Being home has been great so far and of course busy. I’ve read a lot, messed up my room a lot. Just a few highlights for today and all you people who may be enjoying life down South.


I get to spend a week with this squirt. Seriously, I miss her so stinkin’ much when I’m away!


And of course, I get to snuggle with my Kingsley because he is my favorite.


This morning I made breakfast for the fam. You know, you know. Giving mom a break is always nice.


Breakfast wouldn’t have been worth it without the fresh fruit. I appreciate fruit so much more considering Chartwells does not provide much in this area. One cannot eat off of bananas alone!


Dan joined us for a lovely breakfast. He made the toast and yes it was good.


Later that night we headed to Massapequa Diner! Well, this is my second time at a diner since I have been here. I guess I can check that twice off my list. I ordered my beloved French onion soup as well. It was perfect for a rainy night.


It’s currently 12:38 here in New York. Have a good morning ;)




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