Something Old, Something New

Number 2: Coffee date with mom- Success       Number 3: Thrifting with mom- Success


So you can guess what this day included. It was nice just to spend time with the mom today. Plus we gave a shout out to Bri Felv via text! Being able to talk about life in one of the coolest little coffee nooks was well overdue and needed. The nostalgia and mix of eclectic and traditional/ old and new is just my type of decorating. It’s easy on the eyes, warming and plus I mean, the coffee, tea, and fresh produce at Brownstones doesn’t hurt. That’s for sure.






Then after we headed to Church Attic for the first time and thrifted! There’s something about the concept of the old being used like new that I love so much. And of course I love the challenge of refurbishing something. We made bank with waisted belts and handbags all for 15 bucks. That’s what I’m talking about. I hold Target close to my heart but that was a deal.






Something old, something new. I guess that was the motto for today. Celebrating a long-term friendship, in a new period of time, creating new moments. I think secretly everyone loves the idea of transformation. The thrill of the underdog, the mysterious metamorphosis of a butterfly, the reshaping of gold or diamonds, people rising from the ashes coming out as new. I feel that it is ingrained somewhere in the human soul. And maybe that is the way God intended it. How many people, found in their old ways are transformed spiritually as new beings through Christ? The privilege to be called and on a mission regardless of our past experiences. To take the old and make all things new. What a lifesaving and beautiful truth we all can walk in.



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