We Meet Again Sunshine State!

Yes, I made it back to Sunny Florida and this was my last time traveling from NY to FL for school. WHAT THE HECK.

I spent the morning packing last minute things, getting something in my stomach, and being with my mom and sister.

I took a quick stroll to the lake and read before I left. It was a beautiful Spring day… of course the day I leave but it’s alright.. I’m heading to FL.

JFK wasn’t too bad and the flight was alright but it felt extra long… I did get to watch episodes of NCIS and they were ones I actually have not seen! Trust me.. I’ve seen a lot. Mostly because I was sick during winter break and spent the whole day watching episodes from 10 in the morning till well, 2 in the morning. Just sat there. In my onesie. With orange juice. One mysterious crime scene after the next. I’d like to say it was a waste of my time but really that was one of my favorite past times. I love Gibbs.

I also managed to drop my salad on the airport floor, read a bit of my book, watch the end of ‘Due Date’, giggle quietly to myself over SNL reruns, get my hands all gross and cheesy from the munchie bag the stewardess handed out, open the bathroom door on an old woman (for the record, she didn’t lock it and it said vacant), and have my seat repeatedly kicked by a young child. I mean, it wasn’t a bad flight.. Just long.


Mr. Jernigan was able to pick Dan and I up from the airport! Thanks so much Noah! We enjoyed our time even though we were all exhausted and talked about Spring Break, turtles, and dead alligators. Upon returning home I unpacked my life, reorganized my closet, cleaned the rugs, and put everything away because I am a neat freak. All while listening to A Day to Remember.

The rest of the night consisted of Dan, Rob, Chipotle and my hungry bear shirt, which I have yet to take legit pictures of.

I ended this beautiful night catching up with my Marissa Swiech. Gosh I missed my beloved HA! Love baby gurl.

All is well in the house of Thug Mansion




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