So Let’s Condense This.

So in reference to my Making Moves post, let’s see what I actually accomplished this break.

1. Fix the art in my room and actually display them: Well, I didn’t actually accomplish this but I did start one project and that is good enough for me. I spread my wings of creativity in other ways this vacation.

Project I started:

Alright, these are old pressed flowers that have been saved in a clear picture frame. My mom actually did it for me awhile ago and these are the first flowers Dan ever got me. I know, romantic and creepy at the same time. But anyway, they have just hung on the wall in my old room forever. I decided to revamp it. My plan, which you can kind of see here, is to paint over the clear frame with vibrant colors. I think it will be cool to play with the realistic element and make a brightened illusion.

Also, remember the old bag that I found thrifting? Well, I decided to make it a shoulder bag because I wasn’t too fond of the original straps. I bought the straps at Jo-Ann Frabrics and sowed them on nice and tight.

2. Coffee date with mom: Mom and I went to Brownstones for the first time and had a good time catching up on life. Check.

3. Thrifting: I went thrifting with madre too at Church Attic, this little cute place. We scored with belts and handbags.

4. Read a book: I successfully read through In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a few years but never got around to it- until now. Maybe I’ll post some thoughts or good quotes another time.

5. Cooking/Baking: Mom wanted to take care of the cooking but I baked my little heart out, four times. So that was a success.

6. Art therapy ideas/expressions: I found a pretty cool blog that provides lessons, news, updates, and different ideas concerning art therapy.  Check it out!

7. Homework: I was a good student and did review my Spanish homework, of course on the last day of Spring break. Nonetheless, I did it. I also watched “The Two Escobars” all on YouTube. If you love a good documentary or Columbia I would recommend viewing it.

8. Diner: I hit up the diner three times this break. One for lunch, dinner, and breakfast- specifically in that order and it was fantastic!

9. Journal: I wasn’t in the mood to journal but I did take time to sit by the lake and do my devotions. So that was nice and peaceful.

10. Geocache: FAIL. I did not geocache, not even once, whatsoever. Oh well, I guess I will have to wait to do that in the summer.

Overall, this week was pretty successful and I got to do a few things that were not planned. Those spontaneous moments can be the best sometimes. You can’t plan specific memories with friends and family.

This past week I feel like I learned more about the importance of goals in my life. Sometimes I can find myself in a shlump because I have nothing on my mind to aspire for. By actually setting goals, small or big, I keep myself motivated and always aspiring to learn something different and use my talents for something great.



Anyway, I just worked out and suffered through my Kettlenetics routine. Summer is on its way but that’s not why I’m trying to get in shape although it is a benefit. When you walk up the stairs to your dorm room and feel out of breath you know there’s a problem ;) So I promised myself to be healthier and take care of my body. I’m only 22 I don’t need to be deteriorating now!

Well, that’s it! I took time out from watching the Bachelor to blog. Nettie and I are on the fence about this one and my mom won’t stop texting me! I know, I know the Bachelor. I promise I never have watched it until now! But yeah, I guess it is my guilty pleasure. One of these girls is going to need counseling when the show is over. Go Emily!


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