Bellarive + Gungor

So here are my friends manning Bellarive’s merch table. Their cd packaging was hard to resist! It was so vintage and cute. The good thing is they have the musical skill to back up all that loveliness. What’s not to love?

Gungor and Bellarive came to town and they were AHH-mazing. Seriously, the talent in the room that night was off the walls. It is so awesome to watch people living out their greatest passion. They found that niche that everyone searches for and brimmed over with ingenuity.

I feel like there was a little taste of everything that night. There was a storyline, jazz, blues, rock, folk, it was fantastic! Not to mention a space to move freely and connect with an awesome God.

Gungor also had Amena Brown join them on tour and she is AMAZING at spoken word. I feel that people underestimate the power of words and the influence that they have to encourage or tear down. If you have a chance to check her out do it. Not going to lie, I secretly love spoken word. I don’t know why secretly because it is not embarrassing or anything but one day maybe Bri and I will tag team together. We’re too scared to do it by ourselves!


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