Class, class, class again, DAN!, catching up, dinner, terrible veal cutlet, improviso!, cupcakes, coffee, friends.

Alright, not a bad way to spend your day in Florida.

Not to mention I spent the night catching up on homework that wasn’t hard, looked and laughed at photos, and watched endless episodes of the greatest show ever LOST! UGH. I started the first season all over again. It’s like a family reunion. There is so much I have forgotten, so much more I realize, so much love, love, love- I love this show! Jack is such a hero, Locke looked like such a freak at the beginning, Ethan was such a creep (yikes), people realizing Sun speaks English, the discovering of the hatch, Sawyer’s nick names, Boone’s still around, Charlie is still alive- the list goes on and on. I’m not even sure if that sentence grammatically made sense but I don’t care! Marissa gets the bulk of my excitement. Good thing she loves Lost too.

Seriously, look at Ethan!!! CREEPPPPP.

Have sweet dreams to that man who steals pregnant woman in the jungle.

Good evening everyone!


One thought on “Improviso

  1. UGH!!!!! Two of my favorite things in the whole worlds: cupcakes and LOST…and you got me hooked on both of them, you sly devil you! Ugh ugh ugh!!! I miss you so so much Ginie Babes!

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