Whatchoo Know?!

You know that quote you learn something new everyday? Gosh, it is so true. Even with stupid little things. Tomorrow think about your day and what you learned about yourself, others, and life.

Few things I learned today:

I still can sleep through my alarm (I need to work on that)

I suck at Basketball but thankfully am better at other things

My brown H&M belt works perfectly with my Free People Dress. Seriously, I love

Free People Clothing

Kim Kardashian’s birthday is October 21 and so is mine

Dan does not like chunky peanut butter (always/still learning about him)

I need to change some things in my relationship with Christ

I love late night Taco Bell runs… Ohhh wait! I already knew that


So this is the sad face because P90X was cancelled today. It would have been my first time trying it out which would have been a good laugh. Dan and I have been attempting to stay healthier and active. Maybe I should blog about healthy choices you can make in chartwells (what a joke). Maybe next week!

Instead of sitting on our butts we improvised and played some basketball with Rob the Shannon. Well, not real basketball. I call it basketball with consequences (pushups and sit ups) if you miss.

Needless to say we got our cardio in for the day. Pat on the back for us.

It’s officially Spring! Go out and do something physical bloggers!


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