Working it out.

Starbucks logo looking so modern these days.

Spending quality time with the significant other is important and it’s important to be intentional about how you spend that time honoring God. Today was perfect because after Chapel, an afternoon nap, reading on a blanket outside, spending time with Marissa, Bri, and Nettie– I was able to have a pleasant devotional time with Dan.

We enjoyed each other’s company, walked to the lake, and well, he brought me Starbucks! Bonus pointsss. Of course I didn’t bring my camera so I used my phone to take crapy pictures just to capture the moment.

All this stuff is fine and dandy but it is the conversation that matters most. Elaborating on our devotion, which was about prayer, we rabbit-holed into so many other various topics. We discussed our own prayer life, walk with Christ, graduating, aspirations when we head home, what part we want to play in the ministry. It was a good time to learn more about each other. You would think you would know someone after almost six years but people are always developing, changing, and transforming. So you’ll never have anyone completely figured out. That’s a nice thing though :) You always discover something new and valuable. Dan never ceases to surprise me.. ha.

One thing we talked about was the need and vitality to not settle for mediocrity. I think one of the biggest challenges upon returning home is to fall back into life as usual because it is comfortable. But is that the best way to grow and live? My own opinion is that it is staggering and literally weighs down my spirit. Why go so far only to backtrack? We don’t want to live day-to-day for a paycheck and be Christians only on Sunday but to surround ourselves with positive people and to pour our gifts into the ministry. That is where satisfaction is truly found. Not just breathing in but breathing out; giving back to others. You can’t compromise on the core things that are essential to you. Although a challenge, I know if we keep our foundation where it is supposed to be rooted as individuals and as a couple, everything will work out fine.

Needless to say the walk to the lake was worth it on this sunny Spring March day… Apologies to anyone in the U.S. that is suffering from cold/rain/hail syndrome- Specifically NY. Sorry mom.. I actually got a little sunburn today.


Peace Out!


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