Art Therapy

The Rain Drove us There

Well it rained, poured, thundered, catted and dogged in Lakeland but that didn’t keep us from venturing outside! A quick trip to Michaels was needed and photo ops are always fun. Plus Dan liked my outfit that day.

Art Therapy

Recently, I have been observing the Transition program on campus every week and I have grown to love the atmosphere. Just like anything new, it was a bit nerve-wracking to go into a place I have never been before surrounded by people who I never met. Just after two weeks I fell into a mode of comfortability and have really enjoyed the company of everyone. Plus, Genesis and I have been bumping into each other observing at the same time and she always brightens my day! All the students are so different and not to mention hysterical! Carey is talkative, Shay has sass, Eddie makes me laugh continuously- The list goes on and on. They all have something different to bring to the table. Recently, I have the awesome opportunity to work and hang out with Rachel. She is so talented and creative. Doing this art therapy project has taught me so much about her and much about myself.

Here is the drift:

Week 1: Paint yourself in the past, whether a moment, a characteristic, good or bad.

Week 2: Paint yourself as you are now.

Week 3: Paint yourself in the future. What do you dream, what do you see yourself doing, etc.

It may sound simple but this project has really got us talking about everything in life, from relationships, to fears, family and friends, and big transitional moments. Hospital visits, to pets, to TV shows, and to disliking Hannah Montana and the Bieber (fans, don’t hate)… It’s talks like these that open areas that can be filled with encouragement and insight.

These are our results from week one (Rachel to the left; Myself to the right):

I’d love the share the personal details and symbolism of the paintings but that’s our secret ; )

Here’s a bit of week two:


Good times.


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