Six years and counting…


April 1st marked six years of being together with Dan.

And no, that is not an April Fools joke. Six years ago I was walking the night, streetlights all around with Dan, holding hands, knowing that he was my boyfriend. Gosh, we were so young! Our day consisted of flowers (because they are absolutely one of my favorite things in life. I love any type of fresh cut flower), Mongolian Grill (for the first time), Yogurt Mountain (for a tasty treat), and True Grit (a movie we have been dying to see because let’s be honest, Jeff Bridges is the man- always).

In honor of the day, I took a stroll down memory lane, browsing past tons and tons of pictures that I can share with all of you. It’s crazy how much we have grown through our relationship. So here we are from seventeen to twenty-two years of age. We’ve made it through high school drama, ridiculous adventures (which includes almost being arrested for public trespassing with friends), graduations, college life, ministering and camel riding. Through short distance and long distance, from NYC to Guatemala to Israel. We’ve been together in tears, transition, solitude and laughter. It hasn’t always been easy but good things are worth fighting for. So take a glimpse, make fun of how small we look and how bad our haircuts were :) It’s been a good time.

Let’s see what this year brings…


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