Baseball + Art + Weekend Plans

SEU Fire Baseball Game:

Okay another confession, I have only been to like maybe two sporting events at SEU, not including homecoming. I guess I lose points for school spirit but I’m making up for it now. Maybe it’s the last semester vibe that kicked me into “enjoy-everything-about-southeastern-because-it-will-be-gone-soon” gear. Well, it worked.. Here are some random glimpses into the event but just to note: Fuego our mascot was better than the opposing teams even though he is just a dalmatian, I discovered Groupon thanks to Marcos, and we went on a Kent Ingle sighting and didn’t find him until we made it into the VIP section. Well, if it involves food, it is VIP to me. Dan, Marcos, and I had some more pulled pork, hotdogs, salsa & chips, etc. WOOT. After the game Chris Owen spoke and some of the guys from the team gave their testimonies of what God has and is doing in their life. It was cool to do that publicly in Lakeland (I feel like the term “cool” is dying out). We also returned a cell phone to it’s rightful owner. Good times, good deeds.


It was also Sammy’s birthday yesterday! Hollaaaa 46 years of age. I’ll miss Sammy when I depart FL.


Last Art Session:

This week Rachel and I finished our last painting out of the whole piece and it focused on how we wish to see ourselves in the future. What we may aspire for or want to see develop within us. It was a fun Tuesday in mod 10, exploding with conversation, color and dance!

Here are our finished products!


So I took a break from packing for this weekend and decided to blog

Florence + the Machine just came on and that just made my night better too

Nettie’s napping in the room

Now Collide by Howie Day is on: Gosh I’m having high school flashbacks!

So what am I packing for you say? Well, Dan and I are going on a couples retreat this weekend… yeahhhhh laugh it up, I don’t care! Haha but really, I’m excited. I’ve been wanting to go for awhile and for some reason whether timing or financial we were never able to go. Here’s to the last semester! The itinerary looks entertaining and I’m privileged to learn from people who are wiser than I and are actually walking the walk (Disclaimer: Nettie, I know your going to read this eventually. I was going to make a joke concerning you and well.. never mind. You know). I think it will be a good break to spend the weekend with Dan and other couples; taking time to appreciate each other and prepare for the future.

So this is my last post until the weekend is over! No laptop, social networking, Facebook, Twitter (well maybe twitter). I plan on making this a technology free setting for myself.

Anyways, can I just say I really don’t think I’m a good packer. I never know what to bring regardless of multiple lists.

Cheers to a weekend of merrymaking and friendship!



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