Cheerful Steps

Glimpse Into Our Weekend!


Couples Retreat this past weekend was so much fun and needed. Dan and I had a good time just relaxing, meeting new couples and of course, spending time with George and Jess. How many times have Jess and I planned on getting together? A bunch and it never happened due to our crazy schedules but now… IT FINALLY TRANSPIRED! It was fun talking about our love of the Food Network and baking/cooking. Dan and I had such a good time with them. Aside from that, rooming with Jess and Vivi had my sides splitting, giggling into the wee hours of the morning. Tons of laughs, lightheartedness and good company.


The resort was beautiful and a perfect change from Southeastern.


Kitties! We had the mission to use communication to put together a puzzle. Dan hates cats… Ohhh the irony.


We all cooked dinner for each other.


That’s my boy cooking it up!


Terminator… Duh. Boys being boys.




It was such a blessing to be surrounded by leaders who are so wise and veterans of the husband-wife relationship. Having people to impart in your life and shine the light of experience on your own situations is extremely rewarding and comforting. It gave us an occasion to have ears to hear and eyes to see and an open heart to capture all that God can do between two people following in his path. I love you blog world but that’s all the details you will get! The rest are for Dan and I to harbor.



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