King of the castle, King of the castle.

Today marks the day of Danny Boy’s birthday!

Or as Marissa would say, “happy birthday Daniel from the loins of DeLetto.” Time flies and one day you’re 22. I feel like these past few months have consisted of special days- one after another- Valentine’s day, anniversary, birthday- pfhhew. Nonetheless, it has been a rockin’ time. Besides all this talk, Dan fully enjoyed his present, which I really hope is a good read (Michael Crichton’s Timeline). Check out my asian boy.

As for the presents I got a little creative but nothing that hasn’t been done before! I tried to wrap Dan’s present in a manly modern fashion and I feel I accomplished that. Well, I did because he complimented me (success). I also made him a little note card book that is filled with encouraging words and things I love about him.

 Birthday boy and I had a good time at Gosh where we kicked back with some edamame and sushi rolls. We finished off his 22nd birthday with fabulous laughs and filling fried ice cream. I love fried ice cream even though it doesn’t love me back. Stupid ball of fat and calories. Shammmme.

Despite being surrounded by street lights, shadows and not one human wandering in sight, we managed to snap a picture of ourselves for the records. Another memory to be filed for documentation and taken out when a smile is needed, standing as a reminder that happy moments exist.

Danny, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and have seen with your own eyes how many people care! You are truly special.

Love you,

Happy Birthday.


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