Free Food/Devotions

One of the best things about living in Florida for the time being is the free food from Chik-fil-A. Well, from my perspective Chik-fil-A in general is awesome because back at home I don’t have one near by.  Sad story. But HERE free sandwiches, drinks, and fries fall into my lap often because of all the coupons that are handed out to students. Ohhh yeah. Danielle, Marissa, and I headed there for a morning meal which consisted of morning devotions. Yes, despite our availability to sleep in we disciplined ourselves and made it there. I love spending time with them considering I won’t be able to have them so close  by after the semester. Even sadder story. There is hope though! Vacation visits, skype, phone calls, and an excuse to travel. I’ll miss them tons and tons but for the time being I’m not taking our days for granted (and that goes for all of my friends here)!

The rush of this time and responsibilities/demands of our life can sometimes try to rob us of what is important.

Even though we are different and all have our ups and downs, never pass over the importance of your friendships. 

Love ya!


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