Passion Week

With the passing of Palm Sunday, the passion week rolls along causing followers of Christ to reflect upon this time and the sacrifice that was given. So far I’ve made the ambitious goal to read through the Gospels (on top of all my readings for class) so I can review and contemplate upon the life and ministry of Christ. The chance to read through these scriptures at such an opportune time is hard to pass up. In addition to all this, our school conducted a Seder dinner where we were able to learn and act out a traditional Jewish custom including Messianic elements. As Christ followers, we do not throw away Jewish customs and Old Testament beliefs but embrace them for Christianity branched out of Judaism with the death and resurrection of Christ. It is always an honor and something mystical and special when being in conversation and fellowship with Messianic believers.

So in honor of this week, the Passover was celebrated and the heart was prepared. One of my favorite parts was reviewing the Seder plate mostly because of the symbolic representation. Parsley dipped in salt water symbolizing that life without redemption is a life filled with tears. Horseradish, bitter herbs reminding us of suffering. Continuing on, apples and nuts minced with wine and cinnamon representing a mortar-like texture, the shank bone of a lamb resembling the Passover lamb, a hard boiled egg symbolizing eternal life, and of course the matzah!

Participating in the Seder reminded me how much I miss Israel! Living there for a little over a month was one of the greatest occasions of my life! It was there that the connection between the Jews and the New Covenant was strengthened. I miss seeing men with tassels from prayer shawls fluttering out from under modern garments. I miss watching passionate Jews yearning for God at the Western wall. I miss the synagogues, the markets, the Thursday night gatherings in Jerusalem, the peaceful times of Shabbat, the shawarma, even the random techno music! Old Street, the Old City, the old looking stray cats. I miss the hilly lands, the open fields, the rocky desert, and the cold point of Mount Hermon. Anyway, with that being said “religious holidays” like this are no longer religious to me or done out of routine- It has life, movement, and meaning. Let the week continue!

With that being said, Hunger and Thirst (the last of the school year/ last of my college career) yesterday night was fantastic

The first half was played by Aspah

I leave you with this and spare me if it is not perfect, I tried!

Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech ha olam, asher kidshanu bid’varo, v’natan Ianu Yeshua Mishichenu, vitzivanu l’hiyot or laolam

Blessed are You, Oh Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us by Your word, and has given us Yeshua the Messiah, and commanded us to be a light to the world. 


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