The Dali Museum!

Yes, one life goal accomplished! A visit to the Dali museum, home to thousands of sketches, paintings, sculptures, and photographs- all Dali . My first experience with Dali’s paintings was in 5th grade sitting on the reading rug with the rest of the class. Our teacher held the book propped perfectly between her pinky and thumb of her hand as she flipped through the pages. Persistence of Memory was the first painting I had seen and I was puzzled by the whole concept of melting pocket watches. Every kid thought it was so cool, the idea of every day reality being twisted into something surreal. Growing up I took a liking to art in general and throughout high school and college I dabbled around learning about different artists, eras, mediums and styles- from realism to surrealism to abstract art to impressionism to modernism to pop art. It was awesome to see how Dali’s works progressed and transitioned over time from impressionism and cubism to surrealism. His fascination with Sigmund Freud and the subconscious was prevalent as well as his interest in religion, science, history, and current events. Dali was definitely not limited to one style, medium, or concept and for that I commend him- Needless to say, he was an interesting character.

The museum stimulated the eye and the brain. Although I knew the basic’s of Salvador Dali’s life and surrealist works, I feel like I was able to glean so much more being there and listening to someone who was a Dali expertise.

No pictures were allowed to be taken within the museum but of course Nettie broke the rules.

The only pictures you will be able to really look at is us..Sorry, but I mean we are works of art and our personalities are nothing short of interesting and entertaining.

If you love art, history, thinking outside the box, and genuinely enjoy looking at phenomenal masterpieces filled with meaning imagination, interpretation, and depth.. GO!

It was fantastic.


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