Easter Easter with no Eggs

Easter with the friends.

Yes, Easter consisted of no Easter eggs! No Easter bunnies here, just a ton of stray cats running around. That’s how I like it. Last year after spending a little over a month in Israel, I headed home to New York. The positives of going home were I only had online classes and was able to see New York in its glory birthing into Spring! Plus, it was a good time to be home helping my mom considering we were packing up life and moving into a new house. On the downside, I missed Spring with my friends, beachy afternoons, and laughing till my ribcage caved! That is why this last Spring semester has been so special, including this Easter. Church was great and our company and laughs left me feeling lighthearted and blessed.

Easter was really special to me this year. For once I feel like I was able to relish in all that Christ has done for the world. Making time to prepare and intentionally reading and meditating on the word and experiences of life opened my heart to new inspirations.

Anyways, I hope your Easter day was a blessing as well!

No matter what life consists of I have so much to be thankful for.


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