NettieStar007- Giving Juicystar a Run For Her Money

Bahaha I don’t know if any of you know the overwhelming amount of teenagers and women taking over Youtube with various channels filled with beauty tip videos. Well our dorm room does! Yes, Nettie loves JuicyStar07, also known as Blair Fowler. Marissa and I were introduced to her rapid speed and high pitched voice last year. Despite how annoying she may be and so young that she hasn’t even made it to prom yet but moved to LA by herself, her tips aren’t that bad I guess. I love Nettie so I guess I’ll make room for Blair…once a week. RECENTLY, Marissa and I found Kandee Johnson when we were reading up on our new obsession- feather extensions. Kandee is older compared to JuicyStar years and recently preggers but she is so cute and artsy! Marissa and I enjoy her tutorials very much so because she is so relatable and well, she speaks slower. Thanks to all these women we have extended our vocabulary (technically shortened it) with words such as, “apropro”, “inapropro”, and “dups.”

Why do I tell you all this senseless information when you can be doing other things? Well, I want to make you laugh today and give you a glimpse into my life.

Because Marissa and I make fun of JuicyStar so much and her tutorial on ‘Dressing like Snooki’ etc., Nettie Danielle Banzon made a video tutorial just for us! Granted inside jokes are sprinkled within the video but it is funny for all around public, especially if you have been exposed to this youtube phenomenon of fashionistas. If you’re seriously interested in the topic check out this chick’s blog.

So watch this

Have a GREAT day



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