A Quick Update in the Life of Gina

Well, it is currently Monday and it is officially finals week. The last finals week of my life! He terminado mi examen de Español and I have two more finals to go! Other updates… I just finished a can of Monster, which was given to me and I am awaiting the arrival of my mom and sister :)

YESTERDAY, I was deceived by my friends but it was perfect because it ended up in a surprise graduation party! For real, I am never surprised and on top of that my mom and sister came down early and were there too! Shhhooo Shweeeet. Dan and I thought we were adventuring on a double date with the new and exclusive, Marissa and Noah but when we got there… well first I saw Nettie, then I saw Nettie taking a picture of me, and then I saw Marcos with a funny expression on his face- I looked back at Dan and then when I turned around my mom and sister popped out from a random corner. That was exactly what I visually processed. You’ve just been exposed to my random thought pattern. Hope you liked it.

It was a special day because well, it’s always nice to be surrounded by people who know you, have shared and done life with you, and of course keep you smiling. It wasn’t just a graduation party for Dan and I but a marker of celebration. Congratulations to of course…. Rob, Kinsey, Jess, George, and Andrea because it was a party for you too!

Other things this week will entail- Tire shopping, dress shopping, and finals. Hopefully one last time basking in the Florida sun, dinner outside of Chartwells, packing, packing, and more packing and of course preparing for graduation! Spending last minute time with Dan because he’ll be staying in Florida for a bit anddddd last minute time with the friends before we scatter across the United States.

It’s going to be a whirlwind of a week!!!


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