Blow Out Those Candles Sparky!


This May 14th was my chickie’s birthday and drum rolllllll- She’s the big 21!  Ahhhhh! She’s getting so big! Technically we started the merriment when the clock struck 12am at our cousin’s wedding and we’ve been carrying out the celebration. These past few days left out the alcohol (duh) and consisted of special lunch and dinners, a bagel party at her school, Bieber of course, tie dye cupcakes, and Megamind (which was quite entertaining if I say so myself). Even phone calls from Dan, dad and Marissa which brought a huge smile to her face. Laura has so many big events coming up this year- 21, prom, her school play, graduation, and eventually Lifeworks, the new program she’ll be entering in the fall. I’m so proud of her and I’m excited to see her accomplish all these upcoming affairs. She’s been through so much. For those of you who don’t know when it comes to surgeries, she is the queen of them! Heart surgery, hip surgery, tubes in her ears, nine teeth pulled at one time, tonsils out, and eventually tongue pallet surgery and through it all I’ve hardly ever heard her complain. Excluding the physical she’s been through tons of emotional moments especially when focusing on my parents divorce. If anyone deserves credit on her birthday it’s her. Younger siblings usually look up to their older siblings. In my relationship, yes, this is true but I look up to my younger sister so much. If she can find joy in all things, why should I be any different? If she has taught me anything it’s to be lighthearted and although life sometimes calls for serious moments, don’t let it overcome your attitude and weigh down your spirit constantly. She’s my little butthead who makes fun of me and I love her! After all she has helped me to not take myself too seriously :)

Happy Birthday!


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