A Big, Fat, Italian, Spanish Wedding.

Salute! To a beautiful wedding!

This week my cousin Anthony got married to beautiful Emily at St. Luke’s Church in Whitestone, NY. Everyone huddled in the front of the church awaiting the white car to drive on up with the bride inside. Traditional is always classy and appreciated and that is what this day consisted of. Tons of loud family members and friends, beautiful stained glass windows, hardwood floors, the smell of Spring, an elegant cocktail hour, and colorful bouquets of flowers.
There was enough food to hurl over, enough music to run your feet into the ground, enough smiles to make your cheeks hurt, and enough “awww” moments for the heart.

It was a parttyyyy for sure and of course very Italian but also very Spanish… and then when Anthony and Emily were lifted up on chairs in the air.. well that seemed very Jewish. Frank Sinatra, antipasto, and salsa dancing were all very present and the DJ had us falling in love again. Hope you caught that. 

I pray the best for the newlywed D’Amtos! May you have many years of happiness and deep love.


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