Scrub Off Winters Flakes.

Scrub off winter’s flakes and no I’m not talking about snow flakes! Wash away dry, parched skin that is begging to be summer kissed.

So recently I have really been enjoying Lauren Conrad’s blog. Yes, Laguna Beach seemed a bit amateur and The Hills was filled with enough drama to make you appreciate the simplicity of your own life. BUT there are many things that Lauren Conrad is fantastic at. I’m not saying L.A. Candy rates on my top list of literature but the girl knows how to dress and when it comes to fashion I love her minimal style, choice of fabrics, and feminine embellishments. With that being said, her blog ranges from various topics that encompass the womanly life. Whether you’re looking for up to date fashions, make-up, a new recipe, ideas for party planning, inspirations for decorating, or just something to make you smile you can find it here. It’s relatable and really easy to follow.

So after dabbing awhile I decided to put one of her ideas to use:

I made my very own Lemon Body Scrub for the summer and this is what you will need (of course you can find all of this on her blog).

  1. Sea Salt (5 Tablespoons)
  2. Olive Oil (1 Tablespoon)
  3. Lemon (1 Squeezed)
Mix into a bowl and it’s ready for use. You can alter the recipe to your needs and double the measurements if you like. That’s what I did. I also added a tad of brown sugar and a tad of honey.
Benefits of the Body Scrub
  • Sea Salt: Relaxes muscles, exfoliation
  • Olive Oil: Nutrients, natural antioxidants, and vitamins (A & E)
  • Lemons: Brighter and softer skin. Fades freckles and age spots
  • Brown Sugar: Good for sensitive skin, cleanses and moisturizes 
  • Honey: Protection from sun, absorbs impurities, etc.

So for the test run I applied it to my face because scrubbing anywhere else and taking pictures would just be awkward. Who wants to look at a random arm or leg?! So for your benefit and for viewing the texture I put it on my face. If you don’t like my face, well, deal with it.

After applying to my face it was a bit oily so I rinsed off with a cleanser; even though it is a body scrub it definitely moisturized and exfoliated my face. It did its trick as a body scrub! I smelt like lemons which made me want to run outside and frolic through a field of flowers. Then I remembered it was raining.

The end result: A keeper

So besides Conrad liking Lost, geocaching and watching the discovery channel (all learned from her tweets of course) she has given me a great reason to put natural cooking ingredients on my skin. Call me a stalker but I can’t deny I like her. A woman after my own heart.


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