Period to End. Paper to Start.

Laura had her last game day which is a big deal at Division Avenue. It’s the one time out of the whole year where the whole section of special needs students get together for a day that ignores school work and assignments and embellishes on just plain old fun. I’ve gone every single time for the past four or five years. Gosh, I lost count. When your parents told you when you were younger that time really does fly, they definitely knew what they were talking about. So after all the giggles, watching kids dance on the sidelines, and cheering for Laura (extra loud during the javelin throw) we took pictures like happy families do. I’m a proud sister.

So that’s it for Laura’s last Division Avenue athletics day but there is something bigger and better ahead! This year, well actually the past few weeks, have seemed to be a “last” for many things. When things wind down or abruptly come to an end it can be hard to let go of the present situation or fleeting memories. I’ve always been like this and I feel that my biggest weakness is looking in the past missing all of those good memories that were made. Oddly enough, my mind leaves out the heartache or saddening past situations, my immaturity, even my lack of spirituality. Sometimes the good is all we see when really life contained some of its greatest hardships. I need to remind myself of this truth as I move forward. As my sister moves forward, as my family moves forward, and I hope you do too as you move forward.

There are some that run into life’s alterations with full force loving the thrill of unknowing. The majority of us though embrace the concept that by keeping a calm, routined, stable life and checking off our boxes on the American dream list, it will keep us satisfied and safe. And yes, this does work for a while except for the problem that transition is a way of life, it doesn’t care who you are, we can’t keep our life contained in individualized cubby holes and there is no way to avoid it. People die, babies are born, people lose jobs, people start new ones. There are graduations, new celebrations, rekindled or fresh relationships, a move into a new house, a loss of a house, divorce and marriages, ended relationships and unsuspected reunions. All unmarked territory. Sometimes we charter around our marked territory for so long, looking for different results within guarded barriers. So why do we try so hard to play hide and seek? Or should I just say hide because we do not want to be searched for by change. Because it is painful? Because we are fearful of our unexpected future? Maybe because we have to let go and we’re out of control?

Eventually we just have to encounter it with a brave heart knowing that God will get us through because he puts the period after every ending and gives us a fresh sheet of paper with every new beginning. At the end of our book, when we reflect on our life, let’s be able to say we rolled with life’s punches and blessings. That we overcame and are thankful for all the God has given us but most of all how he has never left our side.

So as I remind myself, I remind you- Where there are endings there are new beginnings.

I need to learn how to smile a bit more and recall that stretched faith is a strong faith.


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