Still here. The blogs must go on.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Glad to know that everyone is still here and that May 22, 2011 exists!


This Sunday was my first “regular” church attendance at The Point in Babylon. Can I just say that I am so excited for this new launch! It’s funny, I sat in there with a handful of people and as I looked around I knew and felt that there is so much more this church has yet to experience. So cheers to vision and people realizing their redemptive potential.

Also, last week Josh and Sarah came from Jersey to meet Pastor Todd, Mary, the rest of the staff, and church. Can I just say Josh got the job at the Babylon church and Dan and I are more than excited to have the almost married couple (next week!) close by. Of course no stalker-ish intentions in mind. It’s hard not to love them and now that Josh knows me more than the annoying girl that laughs with Nettie in Tackett’s class well, I don’t know… my reputation seems a bit.. redeemed haha.

Sarah is the sweetest and of course we bonded over our hobby of reading other peoples blogs and our affection for cheese platters. More than a great start. Anyways, God does work in funny ways. From SEU to NY.

So this day consisted of Point Church, a surprise Taco Bell run with Laura, Nacho Libre, reading Wild Goose Chase, the taste of tea, and most of this done with the sister.


This week I baked banana cupcakes for the first time. Even if it is small I try to do something new everyday. Whether it’s learning about something I didn’t know, doing something I never have done before, or putting myself in an unfamiliar area. Recently, I’ve been baking and trying new things. It’s my developing hobby, my future wife skills kicking in to preform the greater good of satisfying hungry stomachs.

This recipe I got was from the site Bakerella, which is a fantastic way to explore your sweet tooth and creativity for all things baked, sprinkled, and chocolat-ified. Yes, I just made that up.

1. Preheated and whisked the flour, baking powder, salt and such in one bowl

2. Mixed butter, sugar, banana in the other

3. Then added the eggs which to our surprise… We cracked one and two yokes came out! Twins! Kind of sad actually.

4. Added the vanilla, flour and milk

Voilà! Batter.

Even made my own cream cheese frosting which I have no pictures of.

They were good if I do say so myself. From my kitchen to your home!

If you want the recipe details just click here :)

Have a happy and blessed Sunday night!


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