Lighten Up!

Hard as Nails:

Color, color, color I love color! And since I’ve been home I’ve been finding inspiration in the little things. Rummaging through Walmart getting the usual necessities, I passed by Pure Ice which is a cheap nail polish brand.  Considering half of my wardrobe and a bunch of other stuff is still held hostage in my car alllllll the way in Florida, I had a lame nail polish selection at home. All my fun Spring colors are stuck in the sunny state. So I picked up these beautiful Spring colors! I love the sparkly one (Spit Fire) and it just fits the season perfectly. Busted is the purplish one which I am wearing now. Some people don’t like this brand because it doesn’t last as long as other brands but for me it’s perfect. I’m changing my color constantly so I don’t really give my nails a chance to chip ;) For the record… The Spit Fire took forever to get off my nails so no chipping here.


For a sheen purple look- 2 coats. I love pigmented colors, so to be honest the above color took me four coats.

Hot Tamale! I picked this little number up for the summer and it’s AWESOME! Can’t wait to use it. My next search will be for a lime green.

NOW, the hair:

I changed it! I always sway towards darker colors in the fall and winter. There is somthing romantic and cozy about it but now that the trees are full, flowers are blooming and the scent of sunscreen is only a few months away… the hair needed a change.

So i went, Hey! Ha! OMBRE! Ombre is French for “faded” It is usually multicolored with colors progressing from light to dark. Sure this is found in many fabrics but why not do it to your hair? Before the term “ombre” came about people just called this style two-toned hair. Short and simple. It is a very low maintence, hey-look-I-rolled-out-of-bed-looking-hot, I grew my roots down to my chin, look. So there you have it. Google the ombre look and a bunch of variations and styles will pop on up.

So here it is!

Going to a salon hurts the budget for sure so duh, I did it myself like I do anything else that concerns my hair. For this project I used bleach. UGH BLEACH. Hair killer but well, I was a woman on a mission. To be honest I didn’t have to buy much. The bleach and mix in conditioner was already in my house (the perks of having an ex-hairstylist mother) so I went from there but you can buy a regular frosting kit at any convenience store. Follow the directions, apply to the bottom half of the hair, accentuate and layer on the tips for a gradual fade.

This took a lot longer than it looks but it is not a complicated, mind teasing process. Between test stripes, foiling, drying, re-foiling to lighten, and drying all over again and then styling… It probably took me like four hours! A long time but once you start you can’t go back so I finished full force.  After my hair was stripped away I was really pleased with what was lying under my dark hair.

I was thinking about going a bit lighter on my tips and fading a bit more but we’ll see. The sun is a natural highlighter so if these locks are exposed to the huge source in the sky they will lighten up anyways.

Fly, Fly, Fly Away:

Now the beloved feathers in the hair. Finally, I got feathers in my hair and no it was not an easy task. Doing it is easy, hunting materials down on the other hand, not so much. For future feather purchases it’ll be on Etsy or calling every fly fishing store on Long Island, again. Because I got this bundle at a salon they put in the feather bundle for me BUT a few fell out. I knew I could do a better job myself so I purchased my own hair extension clasps and did it myself. Yup, they are sturdy in there, not going anywhere, and I love them. Fun investment. Dan now calls me Pocahontas. I don’t know whether to feel like a crazy bird lady or just natively attractive. I’m gonna go with the latter. Thanks babe! Feeling like a free bird already.

Mission accomplished. I love it! Have a Happy Tuesday! Whether you shove feathers in your hair, dye it, cut it, shave it, CLIP IT, etc. don’t forget what is important is on the inside! Get inspired and do something about it today.. or tomorrow because it’s 9:30 Love all of you.


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