How Charming. Squirrel!

Happy Memorial Day!

First off, it’s important to notice and give thanks to all men and women of the past and present who have served and are serving today. They have paid such a price and although I have no strong personal ties to those serving or family members actively involved, I have seen the heartache and loss of others. So even though today consists of BBQs, the beach, parades, family and friends let’s not forget to honor our men and women of service!

This week consisted of a plethora of “housewife” and “motherly” work. Wait a minute, I’m not a wife or a mother?! What?! At least I’ve gotten a lot of practice for my future endeavors. After all the organizing, dinner making, and four loads of laundry this week, Laura got sick so needless to say everyone pitched in a hand. Thankfully we were able to get out and celebrate today! So we hit up a fair and a diner, and called it an NCIS- Bachelorette night.

I also found this flower limping around in the front of our house so I plucked it and now it graces my sea foam green dresser. Ahhhh the little pretty things in life.


Now for the quick jewelry finds!

This charm “all things mail” bracelet. So unique, handmade, and cute. Only four bucks.

This random unique handmade piece. I couldn’t decide if it was special or just plain weird. After some deliberation and time I sided with special after I tried it on.

This clock-bike NECKLACE. Love ittt. It was the best find of the day and yes the clock actually ticks. All clocks that I find need a new battery. This was for $8.

Duhhh $1 earrings, except for the owls they were $3

Lastlyyyyyyyyy, a squirrel ring. I know what you’re thinking. BIZARRE. But yeah, I have enough confidence to pull of an animal ring. This little guy was a splurge for $10 but he was cute, one of a kind, and jazzed up my finger. Maybe I’ll take him on a date with me.

So that was my family day! Those were the finds! I had my French onion soup. Maybe a skype date with Marissa later or tomorrow and a skype date with Dan way later after Dan Mey’s bachelor party! Yayy for almost married couples!

P.S. As a Bachelor/ette watcher, ugh I fought it for so long- Bentley scares me and seems like he has secret anger issues, I hope that dude takes off his mask, and William is such a score (as of now)!

That’s it!



3 thoughts on “How Charming. Squirrel!

  1. hello,

    sorry for my english
    i’m looking for your squirrel rings for hours,
    my 12 year’s old daughter dream of a ring like this one.
    we live in france, and i would like to know where we can by the same.

    have a nice day
    best regards

  2. Hello Gina,
    I have the same question: are there any chances to get this squirrel ring? It is GORGEOUS, I would be the happiest girl alive if you could tell me where you bought it!
    xxx Mary

    • Honestly, I wound up finding it at a little craft fair during the summer in NY. I’m not positive about where I’d go searching for it but I’ve seen different kinds of animal rings at Forever21. I would google a bunch and see if you could order it from somewhere. I hope this helps!

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