Hit it with a baseball bat.

Nothing like getting your hands dirty on a beautiful June day. Today was pretty much Extreme Makeover… Church Edition haha. So I don’t have a before picture but trust me it is SO much better. What kid wouldn’t want to sit in a room with vibrant colors. Duh, stimuli overload. After chucking stuff, sanitizing, Windexing, taking a baseball bat to desks, cutting edges, rolling paint, cleaning up tedious paint spots, and lots of laughs with everyone…. It was finished! And I successfully avoided getting paint on my shirt. So happy that Jillian has an awesome place to teach in and the kids have a spot to call their own. This Babylon, NY church plant is an adventure :)

Living life so far has taught me that great things don’t happen in an instant. There are times that are spontaneous, fast, and full of great emotion but the things we work at have a bulk of reward. If a good cup of coffee needs time for some brewing, I would suggest that some life issues take time to brew to perfection too (not saying we or everything will ever be perfect but you catch my drift). Every step toward improvement and vision is a step into an adventure; the exploration of unknown territory. I guess I’m still trying to learn that.

Today was a good day.

Come to Babylon, NY Sunday night 6:30 and if you have kids… Bring them ;)


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