I should have skipped prom.

Ok, so I brag about my sister all the time, I know, but I can’t help it! She’s just so dang cute and clever. Plus, she told a high school chaperone at the prom that I was her best friend. So sweet.

I had more fun at Laura’s prom than I did at my own but I mean, I guess it’s really not hard to top. We arrived late for prom because our party bus was tardy, I never got my token “couple picture”, our location was The Cradle of Aviation Museum (lame and not elegant), the food was cold, the dance floor was beyond crammed that people just headed outside in the drizzly rain to have a cig. Yes, it rained but thankfully the sun was out for the pictures. It felt like a really bad Sweet 16. I didn’t even mention the after party. To keep it short- Everyone was drunk, a chick fell down the bus stairs, there were chips everywhere, the toliet overflowed on the floor, and everyone was kicked off the bus in the morning, left on a street corner. FAIL. If that doesn’t beat your story, I don’t know what does- it’s fun to tell though. I don’t know how that can benefit you but I hope my past pain can bring you happiness- or laughter. OVER IT!

For your entertainment, here are some pictures I dug up for resurrection.


Now for my sister, she looked beautiful and she received compliments all night. Oh, and Laura danced with Joey, ohh gosh. I appreciate prom night so much more now.

They partied, they ate, they conquered- no party bus required.

She also won an award and was citizen of the month.

Laura eventually stole my camera for the night and now I have a bunch of random pictures of people I don’t know, inanimate objects, and blurry scenes that I can’t decipher.

The night was sweet and the faces were bright. Everyone had a bittersweet excitement for the graduates. Nothing got in the way of having fun with their friends. There were no cliques, no cover ups, no stank faces, no alcohol. Everyone is always included and appreciated for who they are. I hope I can bring that atmosphere to every group I enter into and every person I meet.

Anyways, that’s all folks.


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