Wedding Bells

My recent adventure has led me to take a flight to Jacksonville, Florida to attend a belovedddd wedding, in honor of Dan and Courtney! It’s been a great time knowing Dan for a few years and some of my greatest SEU memories have involved him and the rest of the manly crew. As they have gathered themselves girlfriends because yes, the harvest at Southeastern is plenty (at least for the men), I have loved getting to befriend each one of their significant others. When Dan and I visited Meys and Courtney in Jersey, I couldn’t help but smile and love Courtney! Not to mention we had a whole semester of Mrs. Harth to look forward to. They are so perfect and happy together.

The weather was perfect and the fine Southern wedding was blissful to be around.

The men gathered to escort each guest and get the ceremony going. Check out those groomsmen!

Jess and I totally admired those flower balls. Which can I say seeing Jess was great! I missed her face ever much so.

The ceremony was perfect and one of the most romantic, heartfelt, and symbolic ceremonies I have ever seen.  Loved it and not going to lie, I’m pretty sure everyone had their tear ducts working. I know God has such fantastic adventures and plans for them.

The knot has been tied! Look at their faces! Ugh, love it.

So after, we partied, congratulated, and admired. There was food, banana pudding (which was homemade and DELICIOUS), cherished speeches, and dancing. Not to mention Lou, who was our human jut box during dinner time. It was so great seeing everyone, getting updates on lives, and duh, more wedding talk with newly engaged friends!

As we all departed, I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad and blessed. I know Dan felt that exact same way too. Everyone won’t be together like this for a very long time. When you feel like you’re losing something, a friend, memories, and a bit of yourself,  appreciate that moment and the people before it fleets like wind. It was a spectacular night. Everyone could feel the loveee.

Dan and Courtney, I wish the both of you the absolute best in all things. Love you!


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