To: Noo Yawk!

A Road Trip Without Sightseeing!

Does that count?

I’ve been dying to blog today about my road trip back but things have been so crazy around here! I mean, it’s not that exciting but I like sharing and writing to all the friends/people who actually miss me and want to know what is going on in my life!

After Dan and Courtney’s wedding, I made sure I hit the sack asap because Dan and I (too many Dans) were hitting the road early… and I am soooo not a morning person. I vow that I do my best work at night. I mean seriously, working till 5am produces the best exegetical and theological papers around. Tackett, Hackett, Belfon, Houlihan (the list goes on) have graded proof! I really wish I was an early riser. I really do enjoy being up early once my eyelids have been rubbed and I scroll through some tweets. Just kidding. But not really.  Getting up early, making your big stretch to the sky, smelling the fresh air, having a great cup of tea, and getting out to conquer the world really is fantastic! It’s just so hard when my sheets are just washed and comfy. Fluffy, angelic, clouds of pillows. Well, that was a random rant. Sorry about that.

First off, our day started at 6:30 and I was prepared in my leggings and oversized t-shirt. One word- “hot”. Then we met up with Anthony at a 7-11, hit up the joint, then paralleled our way for a Hardee’s breakfast. Cheers to morning faces- Ha, Dan looks happy tired, I just look constipated. Just being real. For the record I wasn’t.

Yup, below is Anthony. Go… North young man. Thanks to him we arrived safely without any speeding tickets. Thank you for keeping us in line! We parted ways towards the end of Virginia. Dan and I felt kind of sad when he left and signed one love to us out the window- No more sticking our heads out complaining, “what the heck is causing this traffic?!” and no more “jet life” signs… Miss ya!

We also stopped to gas up- a few times but here’s one of them. This is the moment where Dan had a bit of a photo shoot. I think the 5 hour energy drink was getting to him. At least he wasn’t talking about the intricate design of the hay stacks along the road.. That insider is for Bri Felvey.

I look a little insane myself. I’m not sure which is harder: Driving that whole time eventually developing numb buttcheeks (just so you know I offered at least 20 times to drive) or sitting Indian style in a chair while attempting to stay awake for 16 hours trying to keep your partner entertained.

A few hours later, the food stop. Burger King never looked so good. Being stuck in traffic caused by road work will do that to you.

There was a lot of cd switching, a lot of ipod randoms, a lot of magazine reading, a lot of talking, a lot of Angry Birds playing, a lot of radio scanning. We even listened to a few sermons. And it is final, every ounce of us that had tried to develop a liking to country music is gone. I’m sorry to disappoint- We just can’t get through it.

As we were reaching the point of no return, about to step foot across the threshold, into the realm of delirium, Pink’s song came on about never being anything but loud- we stereotypically fist pumped with cheesy faces as we entered the underground tunnel…

…and then we lost the connection. Just static. Most likely a blessing in disguise.

Just as a side note. I tweeted a lot that day. Actually every state we entered into resulted in a new tweet. Sorry twitter world for the overload of information. And while we’re on the subject, sorry to all hooked on Facebook land, because my twitter account is connected to that as well.

As for the trip, it was good and even though Dan was stubborn because he wanted to say he accomplished the drive himself, well, that’s good too. I’m proud of him! It was long but we made it through smiling and laughing.

Back at Long Island, New York. Or should I say, Looong I-lan, Noo Ywak?


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