Cowardly Lion.

WordPress? What’s that? Oh, right, blog central… my writing outlet that helps me to organize my thoughts and appreciate every little detail in my life. Recently, life has been moving at a rapid pace. Laura officially graduated. Jordan came all the way from Ohio and is staying at our house because he has an awesome internship in the city. He’s like our foreign exchange student, without the foreign! I also have completed my first week at Point Church as a protégé. So I’ve been working on launching a young adults group involving both campuses, Hicksville and Babylon. It’s great to be back on the team again and I can’t tell you how funny it is to see Josh and Sarah walk into the room. I love it though.

There is a soon to be beach baptism, a huge community bash in Babylon, Growth Groups (including The Mix young adults group) launching in about two weeks, and there’s so much to do and little time!

Also, I have been given the opportunity to help expose People For Missions a nonprofit organization that has a passion for church planting, short term missions, and long term missionary placement. Houses of Hope International, the sister organization targets in administrating and planting orphanages all over the world. Through People For Missions I have been able to travel to Guatemala twice with a team participating in food distribution, construction work, mountain ministry, local orphanage visits, and much more. So a lot of video making, newsletter creating, social networking, and maybe even website maintaining is ahead of me!

I haven’t been challenged like this in awhile, especially as a leader. It is a bit overwhelming but it is in these moments where God always shows up big. In my weakness he is always strong. An opportunity always looks amazing on paper and in theory but when you actually have to do it, well, that’s where working things out can get messy. That’s because actions do speak louder than words. People depend on your work, what you say you can do, you’re held accountable, to a visible standard. You can talk out the biggest most amazing plans and visions but if you are not able to put them in movement, what a waste of potential. It is in that space when you choose to just do it that fear can creep in and stop your potential. Just do it, Nike style. Go ahead, I know you thought it. But really, people spend their whole life holding themselves back because failing is quite inevitable. It’s true. Failing sucks. We all know the feeling. But no big dream, outreach, organization, company, leader, movement, WHATEVER has reached success on a path of just perfection.  It is impossible. So why do we lie to ourselves? Why do I lie to myself? I mean, wasn’t it Thomas Edison who failed over a 1,000 times when trying to create the lightbulb? “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to not make a light bulb.” If we all had that perspective, including myself, we would all be a lot happier and fearless at heart.

 After being in school for awhile I’ve learned a lot of pen and paper planning. It’s like my head has been can-opened for years so people can dump loads of knowledge into it. Now that it is sealed like a tuna can, what is the purpose? Real life is ahead of me, you don’t get anywhere and influence others just by reading books and acing papers. To be honest, it’s kind of intimidating. The main point is, I can’t afford to let fear hold me back. The truth is things will collapse, I’ll make mistakes but if I invite God into every situation, where can I really go wrong? It is in that last statement that I can shake my limbs out a bit and be like, “alright, things will be okay in the end.”

So from one person, learning to get over myself, to another– is there a fear holding you back from something that can be truly great and meaningful? Courage isn’t the absence of fear but the audacity to go through the presence of fear.
In the end the cowardly lion does get his courage but he had to face the flying monkeys to get to Emerald City. Don’t be discouraged thinking about all of the negatives. If there is one positive, isn’t that enough to give it a whack?

As I try to live it out, I hope you will too.

Love ya.


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