Dan, the citywide man

Dan, Dan the Citywide man. Driving around in his Citywide van.

If you’re not from the New York area you probably have never heard that line ever.

The song goes a little something like this:

Dan, Dan, the CityWide Man
Driving around in his CityWide van
He means what he says and he does what he can
Because he’s Dan, Dan, the CityWide Man

And it does on and on about how the dude, which is duh– Dan- unclogs drains, fixes pipes, etc.

A long long time ago at a church retreat, a bunch of high schoolers were all stuck in a room with a piano, hyper and feeding off each other’s energy, jacked up on sugar-you can do the math. Dan started singing “Dan the Citywide man” in a deep disturbing, man/woman voice and well, the rest is history. That’s Dan’s theme song.

Wow, that was a long introduction. With all that being said Dan moved into his new apartment! In the words of Billy Joel “Mama, If that’s movin’ up then I’m movin’ out.”


So we cleaned the whole place and I discovered the Mr. Clean’s “magic eraser.” That thing is ace, just saying.

Hanging out in the man cave- tired.

Moving into the new room. Boys are messy regardless. Comes with the territory.

Ha, how did that get in there…………… ? It went in the garbage.

Needless to say everyone is excited, especially Dan, now that he is a free bird.He’s got a nice little man pad going on and he is looking forward to giving it his own personal touch. I can hear the grunts and see the flexing of muscles already.  One step closer to manhood. On top of that- now I get to come over and use the kitchen to my full advantage! I can’t wait to cook some good meals and try out new recipies. There are already a few lined up. Chicken and pasta dinners, black bean soup. YUM, making me hungry just thinking about it. Also, we promised Sarah and Josh a dinner/hang out night which I am all bubbly about.

Well, enough mushmosh.

We’re all growing up.


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