making waves

Recently at Point Church we celebrated our annual public baptism this July at Lido beach! Needless to say, it was amazing. There is nothing like watching a bunch of people, ten people, commit to the decision of taking the plunge into the water. After coming to the realization that life separate from Christ was never meant to be and we make the decision to turn our lives around for the better, there is truly nothing like it.

For myself, my process of including Jesus in my life was a long process and not a state of immediate conversion. I had to go through some things and put myself in a lot of painful situations to grasp that I can’t do this thing called life all by myself. And not with family, friends, and a boyfriend for that matter. A lot of people doubt there is a God, including people I am close with and they have their reasons, all which are understandable. Life and people can rip our heart out leaving us bitter and in the shambles of agony- because this world is not perfect, people are not perfect, and humanity has a knack for repeating our history. We forget things we should remember and remember things we should forget but in our process of picking up the pieces along the way, we have the opportunity to realize that if we see and experience the layers of darkness, there must logically be a light, an opposite, good- God. Because if we truly seek the truth with an open heart, we will find the truth.

Being baptized is a symbolic action that shouts we are in this thing for the long haul. That you not only love Jesus but are in a relationship where both parties interact and you are anticipating the spiritual adventure that is ahead of you. We aren’t perfect. We’re not flawless going into the water and we’re not flawless coming out but the old is passed away and when you come out of the water we are new and committed to wherever we may be led. I mean if it’s a command in the Bible then it has to be important. Because there is something significant, spiritual, altering in making a public statement that you are living your life for Jesus. When God interrupts our way of doing life he starts making waves.

To see everyone who participated was amazing. Not even the rain or fog at the beach could put a damper on what happened that day. As part of the staff I had the job of heading out into the water with a tripod and camera in my hand to film. A bit risky with that crazy undertow but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why- Why would you want to freeze your butt off and risk dumping Pastor Todd’s camera in the ocean (ha!)? Because there is nothing like looking out at the crowd of people watching and supporting their friends and family members. There is really nothing like being there, in the present moment, being so close and hearing and seeing the miracles taking place. Because when you’re in the waves, cold water, rain, the fate of a camera- falls second to nothing. Next year we’re getting everyone in the water!

As a part of Point Church, congratulations to everyone who took their next step into their faith. Your choice to make some waves and rock the boat is inspiring. Life is always predictably unpredictable but an incredible adventure when God is in the equation.

Love you all!


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