Over the past day of hanging out with Kat, Josh, and Sarah– there were various moments of when I blurted out random facts about my childhood. My obsession with dinosaurs (which involved describing a labeled dino t-shirt I would wear religiously) and how I have had a Blockbuster in my basement (long story).

When I was little and my mom left to run errands, my dad would always blast the radio real loud in the house- I still remember ‘I died in Your Arms Tonight’ coming through our speakers as I ran around the bottom floor of the house, screaming and laughing, with the arms of my onesie tied around my waste. I was such a random wild child. Bless my parents.

But one thing I loved was kaleidoscopes. I would always scribble and draw. I would pick the brightest shirt in my closet and pair it with yellow spandex shorts (because spandex shorts were cool back then). I would stare at the massive, decorative pictures my mom would hang on our walls in the house. Kaleidescopes were just as fascinating. With each turn of the hand on the circular rim, I could hear the colorful plastic shake, fall and alter itself- morphing into another pattern as I pointed it towards the light. I still remember being in a garden store with my mom, standing in an aisle, smelling the potting soil as I was preoccupied in my little world.

I am so grateful.

Sometimes I do not think I say it enough, which is a shame because each day brings something new. A new friend, hobby, fact, conversation, experience. Each day adds another stroke to my picture and sometimes I find myself squinting from afar looking at the little details. But today, I’ve opened my eyes wider and I can see the bigger picture now. The panoramic view. I see the beginning to the present, wondering where and what the conclusion will look like. And although I don’t know everything, I know what I have now. There are ways the picture moves that I don’t expect but I’m grateful for the path they have obtained. Sometimes I see things that I want to change but I know that comes in time.

Tuesday nights have been great, and I’m truly thankful for everyone who shared that night… We all have our own stories, our own personal God moments, our own strengths and weaknesses- and can I say I love every moment and hang on every word, every narrative. When I say I really appreciate it, I truly do because it is not just for my own satisfaction- there is something special and mysterious that happens when we can just be ourselves and own where we have been and where we are going.

People are meant to do life together… maybe that’s why I find it so cool and liberating.

As each day goes by I learn more and more about the people around me. It’s an ongoing cycle, a never ending process. Just as God paints the sky to uplift our spirits, hangs rainbows as reminders, sends cool breezes to ease our burdens, God has colored my world with people and that is a kaleidoscope of colors that cannot be replicated and repeated. It’s fascination never wears off.


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