Chef Sarah

Today is the day… that beautiful Sarah Sepulveda started a blog! Yayyyy! I’m so exciteddd. 

And what is her blog all about? It’s what we love in life, what we need, it’s one of my favorite past times… FOOD!

I mean who has not spent hours viewing the food newtwork channel, admiring brilliant combinations and decorative platters only to realize minutes later that you are extremely hungry?Your resort is to go to the fridge only to find exactly what you are not looking for and if you’re like me, you’ll stand there for a good few minutes. Like a steaming chicken marsala dish is really just going to appear on the second shelf. Dreaminggggg.

But you get what I mean. I have a feeling Sarah’s blog is going to be equivalent to that. I can feel the midnight snack fever already. As if I’m not a blog stalker already (our common shared interest) I can’t wait to see all the new meals, new ingredients, and all the awesome food places she discovers! Not to mention all the gluten free and lactose free finds!

Unfortunetly for you, I have been able to experience the joys of Sarah’s home cooking… and well, not to rub it in your face but it was awesome. Stir fry, pot stickers and peanut sauce, and well friends. As if we didn’t love each other enough- Food does bring people together. The only thing missing- Dan. Stupid pre-ordered Harry Potter tickets.

Now to the part where there is a fortunetly for you. You can check out Sarah’s love of food here, at Foodie Market.

Dare to be hooooooked. Happy eatings! 


2 thoughts on “Chef Sarah

  1. Love the new look. Love you. Love that I’m still logged in as DawnKats. Love food. Love your blog. Love life. Don’t love that you called Dan’s Harry Potter tickets dumb.

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