Babylon Bash

This is so long and belated and pretty much a month later! I love to do my recaps when they are fresh in my mind but this past month has not allowed for a breather so, on that note- The week of the Babylon Bash was great and I loved (and still do) the missions teams that came! Between working hard, cramming people into cars, late night talks, shower transportation, Amityville horror sightseeing, a Southern meal, train stations and breakfast bars, plenty of halted moments and canvasing– Gosh it was a week. Oh, and watching Toddlers and Tiaras late at night with my Floridian accented girls. Times could have not gotten better!

The day of the Bash was fantastic and it was amazing to see the kids of the neighborhood come out. If we did not have teams come along side us we seriously could not have done what happened that day. There were balloons, games, prizes, bounce houses, a magician, raffles, face painting, cotton candy- the works and every kids dream! I loved being able to meet new families, build friendships, and come along side the teams.. I felt like I gained a family- no joke.

What was even more amazing that day was ten kids made the decision to follow Christ. Being able to pray with Gaby and Jada was inspiring and honestly, the first time I ever really explained Jesus in child terms… in a longgg time. It caught me a little off guard at first but it was the most honest and simple thing that could have ever taken place. I am truly humbled each day with what God trusts me with.

What was also exciting was seeing those families and children return on Friday for our family movie night in Babylon, NY. Gnomeo and Juliet forever!

Although it is hard to encapulate moments like these into a written blurb, I’ll always remember these special moments and events. Those 14-17 hour days were long but truly rewarding.

For the teams that came out- Thank you for dedicating a week to The Point and serving with all your gifts and talents. I’m so blessed to have met you and thanks to social networking I can continually stalk you guys ;)

When you are in the New York area let us know!


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