that’s what’s up

Sometimes before I go to bed I look through my photos on my phone. The last time I did this was when I was dorming with Marissa. I think I laughed myself to sleep. I had the most arbitrary and unplanned
pictures ever- but attached to them were meanings and stories.
If you forget what you’ve been doing lately, just look at your phone- That’s what I do. Granted some of the snapshots are random and inside jokes but others do shed light to what I have been up to lately. It’s been a bit rainy here on Long Island the past few weeks but obviously that has not stopped the festivities, exploration, and transitions.

Dan and I have spent lovely diner time with Sarah and Josh and Michelle and Mike. These moments come equip with the hottest waiters (ha), fries and gravy, and sporadic/witty conversation. I love these people. I also love how Sarah’s eyes are closed in this picture.  She still looks delightfully happy :)

I have had some of the most amazing cookies, ever! Peace, Love, and No Nuts. Obviously, nut free but Gaby also makes cookies that are dairy, egg, and gluten free! Including vegan. Her cookies are fantastic and I can eat the lemon ones allllll day, especially with tea. You can find her cookies at the Hicksville Farmers Market.

Friday, we had our Point Office relocation day. We are no longer in Westbury but now Hicksville! It’s official. I’m going to miss the Westbury office and it’s burnt orange walls but I think we’re all excited for the new things that are yet to come.

Sarah and I had our hot date while the men went and shot around some golf balls. We traveled to Milk and Sugar the cutest café located in Bayshore. Actually, we discovered that the town of Bayshore is a bopping little area on Friday night. There was a band playing outside and the lawn was sprinkled with older people in lawn chairs. I love it! But back to what I was saying- the café decor was so whimsical and darling. Nothing like enjoying coffee, tea, CAKE, and great conversation while sitting on a floral printed couch. We shall go back for the smores/ fruit fondue platter! Even though I think I secretly insulted the owner. Haha just kidddding. Long story.

Laura also came home from camp. A whole week without the sis and cheek pinching! It was a bit quiet. I took this outside of a bagel store. I’m happy she is home!!!

Mom, sis, and I had a visit to Long Island City as well to see Aunt Dottie. Take every moment to tell the people that you love, that— you love them!

But yeah, that’s what’s up! A brief glimpse of what has been going on in my life. It’s time to head to the Babylon Campus but you know, we’ll catch up soon ;)

Good tidings bloggers. Oh yeah, Marissa and Nettie- because you’ll probably take a break from unpacking and organizing your little house, without me- You’ll read this post and miss me! Ha! For the record- I miss you guys too.


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