super sick…


When I was younger sick days were fantastic. I mean, I could have dealt without the sniffles and sore throats but not only would my mom keep me home from school but after a doctors visit she would buy me Burger King. I’m not sure that was the most productive remedy but it worked for me. And I got a free toy. Now, if I get sick- My doctor visits are usually replaced by CVS runs, Burger King specials are too far so I eat what’s in the fridge, and no, no toys. I hate being sick.

When I think about the worse times I’ve been sick, three come to mind. Reader discretion advised. It could be a bit descriptive.

1. My first encounter with food poisoning: UGH. It was terrible! I remember watching TV and feeling awful. Actually, Hannah Montana was on. Go ahead, laugh at me. I think I puked up a whole container of chinese food. TERRIBLE. I thought it was over until I made it to the bathroom again and hugged onto the bowl for dear life. I felt so incredibly weak and that the veins in my neck were going to burst. I just lied on the floor and called my mom via cell phone because I couldn’t make it down the stairs. The next day I chugged gatorade like a beast. My legs ached soooo bad I felt like I ran for days straight.

2. My second encounter with food poisoning: I’m telling you, the FP loves me. It was the end of Thanksgiving break and Dan and I flew back to Florida. We hit up Kazbors with a bunch of friends when I felt nauseous and lightheaded . Anyways, Dan brought me back to my dorm and I ran for the stall. As I scrunched down, I started to vomit, then I was like, “danggg, this bathroom is dirty”. Thanks to the “no-guys-in-girls-rooms” policy, Dan stood between the archway of the door giving him a straight view into the bathroom- Me, on my knees, on the floor and a soundtrack of gross noises. He bought me gatorade and saltine crackers like a good boy friend. Then he complained about SEU’s rules haha. Anyways, Morgan, my roomie at the time, had a great surprise when she came back- Me in bed with a waste basket full of bile ;) Listen, I cautioned you before you read on.

3. Pneumonia: In the summer time! When I think of pneumonia I think, colonial days or the elderly. Pneumonia didn’t give a crap about me! It carved it’s way into the last few weeks of my summer. I was exhausted at work, got dragged to a church picnic, forced myself into a pretzel form and fell asleep in a fold out chair and the next day I went to a Jonas Brothers Concert (it was for my sister, gosh). I remember feeling so hot there but I mean duh, I am at a concert with a bunch of screaming little girls- Feeling hot is the norm. Little did I know I was running a crazy fever! Anyways, the next few days I was either really really hot or really really cold. Coughing. A lot. It got so bad that I slept in the same bed as my mom. After being misdiagnosed I was advised to get an Xray. The examiner came in and smiled. Yes, smiled. “Well, you definitely have full-blown pneumonia.” AWESOME. What does it meannnn?! Three weeks out of my life. It was crazy though. I had no appetite, I would walk up the stairs and feel completely out of breathe, I sounded like Wheezy from Toy Story and I lost like ten pounds.


Yeah, being sick. Not fun but I am thankful that this is just a cold! I don’t know why and how it happens. I eat… enough, trust me and I have been eating better, I wash my hands, I move around enough to consider that exercise. Maybe it’s sleep. I probably don’t get enough sleep.

Nonetheless, life still goes on. There are still things to do, places to be, people to speak to! GR. As much as I wanted to snuggle deeper into the sheets today, it didn’t happen. It was such a battle between work and the snooze button. And even though I didn’t return to SEU, I still managed to unpack (because our offices moved) and catch a cold (because I would always catch a cold when school started). I’m not even a student anymore and I continue to be in sync with Southeastern. Unfortunately, as much as I hate to admit this, being sick does suck the fun out of life, at least for me. It is a fun-sucker! I’m attempting to push through that though. After all, stuffing tissues up my nose won’t last forever.

Like today- A cold didn’t stop me from experiencing my first tremor!!! As a typed away at my little desk, the blinds began to sway and the chair started to rock. I thought I was hallucinating (maybe I was worse than I thought!) until a neighbor came by and asked if we felt the same thing.

Okay, maybe I’m not crazy.

Only sometimes.


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