Coney Island

When you see this face you know you’re in Coney Island, Brooklynnnnn!

Friday some of us from the young adults group headed to the Cones for a day of fun. Seriously, I love my friends. We can laugh at the most stupid things.

First it was kind of up in the air whether or not we should make our way out there. It’s been planned for over a month but since everyone was freaking out about Irene we weren’t sure of whether or not everything cool would be boarded up or closed. Obviously we said “whatevs” to that hypothesis and went. Worse comes to worse, we could just run up and down the dock, acting dumb in our zombieland setting.

Advice to those wanting to visit Coney Island. When there is a hurricane scare- GO THE DAY BEFORE!

Limited traffic, hardly anyone clogging up the boardwalk, no waiting, no lines for rides. ACE.

It was an aquarium observing, penguin watching, random one-liners, Jersey Shore look-a-likes, Cyclone riding, hotdog eating, people watching kind of day. That’s a pretty fantastic day in my book- especially when I’m surrounded by people I love and appreciate. I’m fascinated by the culture and color of Coney Island. Sad that I don’t visit more often.

Kat overheard an amazing Beyonce conversation, Dan almost dropped his phone in the water, Dave loved the penguins, Jen and I almost lost our lives on the Cyclone, Josie graced us with her presence and showed up (yes!), Brittany had her tongue turn blue.

A not fully there old man tried to dance a little too close to our group, we realized the amazing FRP that the hulu-hoop preformer had (or lack of), were intimidated by the aquarium security guard (not on my watch!), and I was a little too excited about visiting the original Nathan’s for the first time.

It’s times like these when you’ll look back and say, “Ha, remember when…” A spontaneous day always leaves a mark.I just want to give a personal shout out via blog ;) I love my friends. I discover a new facet of you each day. I think people really are like onions-Not smelly, at least you guys aren’t but layered, multidimensional; personality and perspective built upon years of life and experience. I love that we’re all from different places, various paths of life and that we can walk a Coney Island boardwalk together.I mean, I like how we brought the Jersey Shore to Brooklyn too.

Keep on fist pumping.



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