Sexy Irene.

This was Irene.

She was all talk and no punch. Well, kind of.

She went from category 1 to a tropical storm by the time she reached us. So a lot of my friends from out of state have asked me, “are you okay?”, “how was Irene?” Well, here is a blog post dedicated to your questions! Thanks to Irene, my mom resulted to panic mode, I spent Saturday elevating every piece of furniture in our home, packing just in case we couldn’t get back to our house, and caging two cats to drag to Dan’s apartment. I mean, we are right off the water so we had to take some sort of precaution.

On a positive note.

Pre Irene: Before she decided to “hit” that night we went to a diner (because that’s what us Long Islander’s do and because it wasn’t boarded up), my mom made chocolate pie, and I had a skype date with Marissa Swiech before we lost electricity. That night I dozed off to the sound of a fan beating on my face and then I woke up because Irene pulled the plug on my beauty rest.

Kingsley also gave new meaning to scaredy-cat and made a home in Dan’s towel closet.

Post Irene: Spent all of Sunday leveling the house back to normal… into the night… by lantern light. Irene! She was like the unwanted family member that you find out is coming to visit the night before. We for sure had flooding in our area and the water at our corner was up to our hips but thankfully no flooding in our house! Thank you Jesus!

My dad helped out our tenants by holding up a wire that was preventing them from backing up their freakin’ huge motor home. Yup, there he is. Surfin’ the metal. Thanks to the storm, my dad came over to help us out with a few things. You know, moving the heavy stuff because I can’t do it by myself..

We finally got electricity back last night thus why I am able to blog. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I was not inconvenienced by the lack of electricity because I was to an extent but I mean, people and their complaining. There’s nothing you can do about it! I understand certain circumstances and situations where people are completely stranded. Exclude them from my venting, as well as the other states that were hit hard and my Jersey friends. I’m talking about the Long Islander’s that don’t know what to do when they can’t flick a switch on anymore and life gets “hard”.  I had to turn off the radio because this woman kept on ranting and raving about how she couldn’t even go on the internet. Well, duh-you can’t turn on a light to go to the bathroom, you’re not going to have the internet either. My uncle has gone weeks in Florida without power. A quarter of humanity live without electricity. I know we live in the states and we are privileged and expect a certain lifestyle but I don’t know- be thankful? Thankful that you know what LIPA is? Just saying. I don’t know. Call me strange but it was a good change to be away from tons of media and noise. I liked having candles in my room, and showering by lantern light. The roads near us seemed a bit more peaceful, there was an excuse not to do my hair, and wow, I actually had time to talk to my family. I think that’s a good change.

Anyways, we finally have power and yes, I am happy but regardless, you have to roll with the punches life throws at you. Thanks Irene. You were sexy while you lasted.

Besides all of this mushmosh, thank you everyone for your prayers and concerns! I have great friends :) Also, it’s cool to see how my church is able and willing to help anyone who may be needing extra help and such. Finding the positive in the negative.

There’s still a bunch to be thankful for :)


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