Steak Town, Rub Down

The past few days my uncle from Florida has been staying with my family. My uncle Billy has been my uncle for 22 years and I feel like I’ve learned more about him in 5 days than in my whole life career! When it comes to jobs, he has done everything. He’s worked as a butcher, an architect, a cook, a taxi and bus driver. He has bread horses, knows mechanics, sold multiple real estate, and is now starting a small agricultural business. He was in a rock n’ roll band when he was young. He served in Vietnam. He lived in Thailand for awhile and actually considered living there long term. But like I said, he can cook. Whether it is seafood, Italian, soups, Thai food, octopus! – he can cook anything! So of course I had to take advantage of helping him in the kitchen as he cooked dinner. Nothing too advanced but here are two recipes.

Quick Steak Rub:


Fresh Black Pepper

Italian Seasoning


Worcestershire Sauce

A Dash of Oil

We also had clams on the half shell and peeled shrimp doused in lemon- both served with cocktail sauce. That’s just self explanatory.

A Simple Side: Tomato Salad

About half a dozen tomatoes sliced

One onion sliced


Black Pepper

Italian Seasoning



Vinegar and Oil

You can also add mint. If you take fresh mint, bake it in the oven to dry out the leaves, and pick them off, they give the salad a refreshing taste.

Remember put the oil on last! If you put it on first it creates a barrier so the seasoning cannot absorb into the tomatoes and onions.

Thanks uncle Billy for a few extra ideas and inspiration in the kitchen. Can’t wait to kick off my cooking career. Wish me luck, I’ve grown up in an Italian family, I have a lot to live up too.


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