Cup of Stache

Whenever I can, I love to spend time with my little sister. It gets hard considering our schedules keep us out for the majority of the day. She goes to Life’s WORC and then I go to work and then she comes home around three but I usually get home around six. Time after that just consists of dinner, showers, for her- free time, for me- everything else I need to do or get done. She is the sweetest and I could bother her all day!

Thankfully, we got some sister-sister time and painted mugs from a kit we bought her for graduation. As a going away present, we sent uncle Billy traveling with two mugs (one for him, one for Honey) in his suitcase. If you’re looking for a fun idea to do with your kids, design and decorate a coffee mug. Gosh, even if you are a grown up! I love painting coffee mugs. Unknown fact about me: For our four years, Dan and I went to Picasso’s Cup, an art cafe to paint our own drinking devices. 

I made a nice tree like design and Dan made his man mug- The Goblet. Go ahead laugh, I did. That’s what makes him awesome though :) These pictures also remind me of my old hair cut. I reminisce about going back to my choppy bangs. Will I have the guts to do it again?

Back to sister-sister day.

This is Laura, so dedicated to her artwork until I distracted her by snapping a photo.

As for me, I finally painted my long desired mustache cup. Laura seemed to like it very much too.

Nothing like a little craft time with the sis! 

I love her. I love her. I love her. I love her. To pieces.


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