Labor Day Love

“Oh, Jack talk Thai. Jack talk Thai very well.” What movie? Meet the Parents. Yessss. You’ll get why I had that random thought later.

I officially have a new love for Labor Day. Now that I actually “labor” and you know, have put on my big girl pants, I really did appreciate a day off. I know I don’t have the most hectic or strenuous of jobs but hey, life gets busy and the past few weeks have been altering and a bit draining.

Miscellaneous fact about me. I love being out during the day. I love where I work but I usually don’t have this opportunity anymore (which is okay). Whether running errands, trying something new, meeting someone for lunch, or exploring a new place. I love doing stuff like that- especially when the sun is shining and the weather is perfect. Finally Labor Day delivered the goods!

Dan and I had an excellent little day together roaming around random area codes. First we searched for a different place to eat, chucked the Ubrbanspoon bit, and trusted our own navigation which led us to-

Galanga in Bayshore. Ohhh yeahhh. Dan has had Thai a few times before but I have to admit, as much as I’m a cultural aficionado, I never got around to Thai food. With this being said, I had my first Thai experience and it was awesome. We shared skewed chicken for an appetizer, Dan ordered shrimp and rice, and I had the most delicious chicken and string bean dish ever and I’m not a huge string bean fan. We washed it all down with our dose of Thai tea and coffee.

Then after, I remembered a little thrift store I’ve been wanting to go to in the town of Babylon, right near The Point’s second campus. Unfortunetly- it was closed- Duh, Labor Day. But it ended well because we roamed the side walk hand and hand, found another promising place for good eats, and talked/ laughed about life, simple things, and random stuff. Which now leads me to…

Toarta Fina in Babylon- Pastries baby! You aint no guidette if you no lika the fresh cannolis! Guess I’m not because I bought a peach and blueberry tart cake instead. Okay, okay, I still like cannolis. Add a Starbucks drive into the mix with the view of the water off the Massapequa Shores, I say Labor Day was just filled with Love.

Thank you Dan for a relaxing day filled with everything I love- food, culture, sweets, exploration, walks, coffee, nature, and of course you.

Was that sappy enough?


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